Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 09

What cute costumes I bought. Daddy was not thrilled because of how much they cost and they were not going to be warm enough. But look how cute they look that is what really matters. I am so glad we took these before hand because Amber and I were still at the hospital after her surgery. Rachel went trick or treating with her cousins.

Mommy and Daddy and Their Little Girls

My friend Kimmy asked if she could take pictures of my family so here is some of her work. If intersted give her a call. The boys were too busy to come but we will get them in the pictures for next time.

Rachel is becoming such a daddy's girl since her new sister was born.

She has such a sweet smile!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them.

Daddy and his girls

Finally two little girls after all my boys.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Into Everything

If mommy says no it is yes to me

I love sitting in daddy's tie drawer and throwing them all around

We went to dinner and Rachel took a couple of the jam packets home with her. It was really quite on the way home and it was because she was busy painting herself in jam. What a sticky mess.

Best Friends

Rachel with her two best friends........................for now

Rachel and her cousin Cierra just can't get enough of each other

Play with me Travis

I just love my big brother.

Allen's Graduation Party

We had Allen's party at the park and we got pizza and had cake.

Christian trying to get Allen to go down the slide.

Look at my new book I got from my baby sister.

Food and presents what else could you ask for.

Travis with his baby sister playing in the park. Do you think he is a little too big for this?

Allen's Graduation

Allen is my special needs child and they have a special graduation for them when they turn 22. Thdy do a lot of great things for these kids.

Look I got my diploma

Little brother Travis with Allen

I am tired of sitting here waiting let's get this show on the road

Allen and his special escort

Easter 2009

here is some cute pictures from easter

look at my pretty dress

Daddy's little girl

My two babies Rachel & Travis